Who am I?

I'm Leon, a Capgemini software consultant with a degree in Computer Science, specialising in SAP applications. I've also worked at IBM and a few smaller companies. I enjoy learning new technologies, solving problems creatively and have a particularly keen interest in front-end web development.

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My experience

I've always been interested in technology and how it's made. Below is a taste of some of the languages, frameworks and tools I've used so far:


Web Development


Platforms and Programs

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My Projects

Websites I've developed at Atebol Interactive

GCSE Geography


This website was my first project at Atebol Interactive. It was fantastic because I got to use JQuery and wrote my first plugin! It's a content slider that is fully responsive and gives a range of controls to the user to let them control how they interact with content. You can use the navigation arrows, keyboard arrows or just swipe!



This site was my second project at this job and I worked mostly on front-end development for this project. This website was created using Joomla, for Iechyd-Da an agricultural cooperative with roughly 8000 Welsh farmer members. This website gives Iechyd-Da a platform to discuss issues facing them as a collective as well as distribute information regarding various epidemics such as tuberculosis!

The Student Sex Work Project

development link

This project was created for Swansea university, specifically the college of Law and Criminology. This website is an educational tool for students studying this particular module and to gain an insight into Student sex work. More about the project can be found here at www.thestudentsexworkproject.co.uk

GCSE Welsh Literacy


This project is a companion to GCSE Welsh Literacy and is complete with poems, short stories and a variety of activities for each of these literary works. This site was a lot of fun because we were given full creative control! Using an unorthadox page layout with lots of bright colours to accent each piece of work, it really was a joy to work on. It was a lot of fun developing plugins for all the activities that we needed to create too!

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